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OSY Travel

E2 Solutions

OSY employees should take E2 training to facilitate their use of the online E2 travel system.

  • The first step involves ensuring E2 access, logging in to activate your account, and filling out your profile.
    • If you don’t have E2 access, email Dave Anderson.
    • If you are locked out of E2 access, call the E2 Help Desk at 301-975-5375.
  • The second step entails logging on and completing an online module.
    • Once your E2 profile is complete, visit the E2 homepage.
    • Type "training" in the "Online Help" field, which is available in the drop-down menu at the top right portion of the E2 page. If you have difficulty locating the drop-down menu, look under your name in the web page’s upper right corner.
    • Then, select "E2 Solutions Training for New Users."
    • Alternatively, to access online E2 training through the CLC website, CLCL users can find NIST 2023 E2 Training in the Computer-Based Tutorials Section.
  • The last prerequisite is obtaining a Travel Card for expenses if you do not already have one. To receive your card, email Dave Anderson.
  • Once you complete E2 training, you are ready to book OSY travel in E2.


  • From your E2 account, create an authorization as soon as you know about your travel plans and at least two weeks in advance of your trip.
  • If your travel dates change, you must amend your authorization with the new dates before doing voucher.
  • If you anticipate having additional expenses later (e.g., tolls not yet billed) for this same trip, do not do an Interim voucher. Do a Final voucher and a Supplemental voucher later.



  • As a federal employee, you must use a government contract carrier and prioritize the selection of the least expensive air fare class (CA, followed by YCA and Y) that aligns with the OSY mission. If you are departing from the Washington, DC area, compare all available airports. If you need to change your air ticket after departure, it must be done through Department travel agent SATO.
  • If you prefer to drive your own vehicle rather than fly, you must do a cost comparison and attach it to your Authorization. You will be reimbursed the lower of the two costs. Please email Dave Anderson for forms.


  • You must use hotels in E2, and the cost can’t exceed the General Services Administration (GSA) rate. To itemize hotel taxes, enter them on the lodging line of the E2 reservation page.
  • The following states provide tax-free benefits to the federal government: AK, DE, FL, KS, LA, NY, OR, PA, PR, TX and WI. To take advantage of this type of tax-free benefit, you will locate the relevant form or forms on this section of the GSA website. Then, search the internet to see if the federal government pays the relevant states taxes for the jurisdictions to which you are traveling. The Department does not reimburse taxes paid in exempt states.

Ground Transportation

  • From home to the airport and upon return, the ground transportation options are taxis or privately owned vehicles (POVs) parked in the least expensive lots. Local travel in POVs does not require an Authorization. You must, however, deduct your daily commuting mileage.
  • At their destination airport, employees may rent a vehicle if it is less expensive than taxis or public transportation. Uber Black use is not authorized under OSY travel restrictions. Rented vehicles must be in the compact class unless the driver and passengers are more than three people.
  • The rental car amount claimed cannot be more than the reservation amount. If the rental company upgrades you, it must be at no charge.
  • Do not initial or sign for rental car insurance because the U.S. government self-insures.
  • If a vehicle is rented, valet parking is allowed when no other option is available.
  • If driving a rented car or POV, unless you are sure you will not need them, add 10$/day each for parking and tolls.


  • Per OSY policy, receipts are required for all expenses. Hotel and rental car receipts must show paid or zero balance.
  • If needed, estimated expenses—a checked bag fee of $30 each way, taxi rates, parking costs, and laundry at $5 per day—can be added in E2. Confirm check bagged costs with your airline as some carriers charge more. An additional checked bag may be allowed for a long-term stay.
  • All expenses, except airfare and cash only purchases, must be paid with your Travel Card if you have one.


  • If you are attending a Federal Law Enforcement Training Center course that includes food and lodging, use $5 per day for meals and incidental expense, except on the first and last travel days, which are 75% of full rate.
  • Food and miscellaneous expenses are paid, without receipts, as per diem; based on the cities/locations listed on your authorization.


  • Tips are only allowed for taxis and work-related baggage. They are limited to no more than 20%.


  • Always choose travel options most advantageous to the federal government.
  • Once you complete an Authorization request in E2, click the "Send to Approver" button. Please note that until the status shows "Approved" in E2, you are not sanctioned to travel.


  • If you go to the airport without an email from the Department travel agent, you have no confirmation that your ticket has been issued.
  • Keep an electronic and/or hard copy of your SATO reservations to show to the airline, car agent, or hotel clerk in case of a reservations issue. If you do not receive an email from SATO 24 hours ahead of the departure, call SATO at 855-813-2844 for an approval status report.

Post Departure

  • Once you leave for your trip, all air, hotel, or rental car changes must be made by calling SATO at 855-813-2844. 



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