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Client Security Services Division

The Client Security Services Division (CSSD) provides security services at the Commerce Bureau levels. CSSD has established Field Servicing Security Offices (FSSO) that are responsible for providing security oversight to operating units; coordinating searches, evacuations, and other procedures to protect persons, property and information; overseeing the emergency responses and investigations of security incidents at all Departmental facilities; developing, implementing, and maintaining a program of reviews throughout the Department to ensure appropriate compliance with all security policies promulgated by OSY; conducting a comprehensive security education and awareness program to enhance employee knowledge of security requirements; facilitating requests for personnel security clearances for job applicants, employees, and other individuals requiring access to classified national security information at any Department location worldwide; and reviewing suitability investigations for contractors of the Department.

  • BEA, Office of Security - Security Manager, Kelly Kester
  • BIS, Office of Security - Security Manager, Robert Williams
  • Census, Office of Security - Director of Security, Craig Trumpet
  • FirstNet, Office of Security - Director of Security, Richard Zerillo
  • ITA, Office of Security - Director of Security, Kevin Michael
  • NIST, Office of Security - Director of Security, Matthew Snyder
  • NOAA, Office of Security - Director of Security, Jeffrey Jones

Tonya Fields, Assistant Director for Security (Acting)
Client Security Services Division