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Clearances for Visit Authorizations

Department employees visiting other agencies that require clearance verifications can submit a CD 414 form to the Security Service Center (SSC). Employees with access to sensitive compartmented information who need clearance information sent to another agency can contact the Personnel Security Division (PSD) at 28115. CD 414 forms must be submitted at least 10 days prior to visit dates. Exceptions for short notices may be made on a case-by-case basis.

Visitors from other government agencies or cleared contracting companies that require access to Department information or facilities shall submit a visit access request (VAR) memo. The memo will certify their need-to-know and qualification to use the information. On the requested visit start date, the visitor shall arrive with identification corresponding to an approved VAR or access will be denied.


Federal government employees, from agencies outside of the Department, shall provide a VAR to confirm their security clearance is active-and-current prior to any visit to access classified information. The VAR identifies the visitor(s), their current clearance information, the Department point of contact (POC), the reason for the visit, and the approved visit dates. An acceptance response from the Office of Security (OSY) is sent to the requesting agency.

The visitor and the POC confirm the required clearance level for a visitor before scheduling any visit. Classified information may not leave the building from which it is accessed except by those with a current and valid courier card. It is strongly recommended that any classified national security information is shared over classified networks.

A contractor’s existing background investigation is confirmed with documents from the company Facility Security Office (FSO). Existing investigation history is confirmed by the Personnel Security Division (PSD), to grant access to contract operations. Personnel without an existing background check shall complete an investigation for the required access level prior to performing any work on the contract. The contractor’s facility access badge is issued after the background check is recorded with OSY. 

Classified contractors require an active security clearance as a qualification for a position supporting a classified contract. The VAR memo for a classified contractor describes the clearance status and supporting investigation is received by the appointed contracting officer representative (COR). The COR provides the VAR memo and the signed SF312 to the Department Industrial Security office to create a collateral clearance record for security manager. The security manager record supports issuing the contractor’s facility access badge and network access.

Classified contractors needing sensitive compartmented information (SCI) access require an SCI Access Request memo sent to the PSD. The PSD processes the SCI access request after the collateral clearance is confirmed and recorded. SCI access requires an active Top Secret clearance and a contract with Department to process classified data requiring SCI access. The contractor’s SCI access is activated by the Department Special Security Office after the CIA approves the access request. The initial request for SCI access may exceed the time to complete the entire contract. 

The contractor employee’s authorization to work on Department contracts requires at least annual renewal of the collateral access or before the current VAR expires. SCI access requires an annual refresher briefing.


Department employees shall request a VAR memo to confirm their security clearance before attending a classified briefing with another organization. The clearance verification VAR identifies the visitors, their current clearance information, the destination’s POC, reason for the visit, and visit dates. An acceptance response from the destination security office is sent to OSY.

Official travel to an overseas destination requires coordination with the Department of State Diplomatic Security, Certification Unit. The Department of State Certification Unit will process the collateral VAR to all Department of State locations. A visit requiring SCI is processed through the Department of State Diplomatic Security office. The access request is complete by forwarding it to the destination facility's Field Servicing Security Office.

The Department of State requires the date(s) of the visit, location, and identification of the POC.