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Foreign Travel Briefing Program

The Information Security Division maintains the Foreign Travel Briefing Program for Department personnel. Receiving travel security awareness briefings in advance of foreign travel reduces the vulnerability of Department personnel to foreign adversarial information collection efforts. Foreign travel debriefings of Department personnel enable security personnel to identify adversaries' targeting activities.

The Foreign Travel Briefing Program applies to all Department bureaus, offices, employees, contractors, subcontractors, licensees, certificate holders, grantees, experts, and consultants who have access to Classified National Security Information (CNSI) or who hold positions with clearances or are in a sensitive position. 

Personnel who do not have access to CNSI or who do not hold sensitive positions are also encouraged to contact their Field Servicing Security Office to request a travel security awareness briefing prior to official or unofficial foreign travel.

If you are interested in learning more about the Foreign Travel Briefing Program or would like to request a briefing before your foreign travel, please send an email to foreigntravel@doc.gov.