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How to Request a Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Card

PIV Card Example

The PIV card is a common credential requiring a standard background investigation process as defined in Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12).  The PIV card contains the necessary data for the cardholder to be granted access to federal facilities and information systems and assure appropriate levels of security for all applicable federal applications.

PIV card services may be required: if the PIV cards are expired, lost, or damaged; if their logistical access certificates have expired; or if the cards are locked due to a forgotten PIN Number. If you are unsure of the expiration date on your card, you can find the PIV card expiration month and year in the upper right-hand corner or to the right of the picture. PIV card certificates typically expire two years prior to the PIV Card expiration date. For example, if your PIV card expires on April 1, 2026, your certificate will expire on April 1, 2024. 

Expired certificates mean that a new PIV card is required. PIV card applicants must provide two forms of identity in their original form. A complete list of acceptable forms of identity can be found here.

PIV card services may be available through interagency-shared USAccess PIV issuance facilities, the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB) Security Service Center (SSC), or bureau badging operations. 

All personnel should work with their PIV card sponsor—typically a Human Resources representative or administrative point of contact—to ensure that their card will be sent to and printed at the right location. Questions about PIV card sponsors can be directed to hspd-12@doc.gov.

Staff members requesting a PIV card may use the USAccess Scheduler at www.fedidcard.gov to determine if a local USAccess site can address PIV card needs. Multiple U.S. Postal Service locations and other USAccess facilities may have more convenient appointment times. Search by zip code to determine the nearest locations and check their available appointment times. 

To make an appointment with a USAccess provider outside of the HCHB, follow the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to the General Services Administration Online Scheduling System
  2. Select your agency or organization from the drop-down menu.
    • If you would like to schedule an appointment with a Department site outside of the HCHB, your sponsor must send an email to hspd-12@doc.gov to coordinate this effort.
  3. Select "appointment type," click on the appointment type, and click "continue." 
    • Enrollment appointments are for staff requiring new PIV cards or replacing expired PIV cards.
    • Card pick-up appointments are for staff who have a card that must be activated. 
    • Card update appointments are for staff who require a PIN reset or a certificate update.
  4. Select a location/credentialing center.
    • Type a city or zip code into the show locations text box and press "enter." 
    • Click on the desired site in the results pane on the left.
    • Click "Continue" on the bottom right corner of the screen.
      • Blue-colored circles indicate the center is a shared location. Yellow-colored circles indicate the center is a dedicated location available only to employees of that agency.
      • If you schedule an appointment at a dedicated location without prior authorization, that agency can cancel your appointment.
  5. Select the appointment date and day from the site calendar that appears. Green-numbered circles indicate available appointments. 
  6. Select the appointment time from the drop-down menu and click "OK" to proceed.
  7. Enter your contact information and click "make appointment."
    • Applicants cannot make more than one appointment using the same email address at the same site. If an appointment already exists, the system displays an error message.
  8. Display appointment details and confirm appointment.
    • The system displays a confirmation message and emails it to the applicant.


Sponsors may request PIV cards for an employee at HCHB by sending an email with the employee's name to hchbsecurity@doc.gov. Sponsors can escort employees to the SSC for PIV card enrollment and presenting bring two forms of ID. 

Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) may request a PIV card or Facility Access Card (FAC) for a contractor by sending an email to piv-contractor@doc.gov. The SSC will contact the COR/contractor to complete the enrollment process. 

Personnel who need a PIV card appointment for a PIV at HCHB may request one by emailing hchbsecurity@doc.gov.

All federal ID cards must be returned by the holder when HCHB access is no longer required. The separation process for employees and contractors leaving the HCHB is not complete until ID cards are accounted for. 

More information on PIV credentialing at HCHB is available on the HCHB PIV Services page.

Bureaus and Field Offices

Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) personnel should use the USAccess scheduler to request an appointment at the Suitland Federal Center. Select "Bureau of the Census" as the agency because selecting Bureau of Economic Analysis will prevent the Suitland Federal Center site from appearing in the scheduler. After making your appointment, forward your email confirmation to bea.security@bea.govCensus personnel requiring a PIV appointment should use the USAccess scheduler to request an appointment at the Suitland Federal Center.

BIS, OIG, EDA, OUS/EA, ITA, and MBDA personnel that require a PIV appointment should send an email to hspd-12@doc.gov for assistance on sponsor identification.

Census personnel should contact the help desk at cisd.pivsupport@census.gov before making any appointments.

NIST personnel requiring a PIV appointment after working with divisional points of contact to ensure card activation should email badgeoffice@nist.gov for the Gaithersburg location and boulderbadge@nist.gov for the Boulder location.

FirstNet personnel requiring a PIV appointment should email osy@firstnet.gov for all locations.

NOAA personnel requiring a Common Access Card can make appointments at the NOAA SSMC Badging Center for Silver Spring or at the ID Card Office Online.

Lost or Stolen Cards

For lost or stolen cards, email the SSC at hchbsecurity@doc.gov or your field office.