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Key and Lock Services

Office and controlled space keys are issued to HCHB federal employees only.  Supervisors may request keys for their employees by a signed letter head memorandum to Room 1522 or e-mail to security@doc.gov.  The memo or email must include the room number for which the key(s) are needed. Keys will not be issued without this written request. Keys will be issued only to the employee for whom issuance has been requested and this employee must pick up and sign for the keys in person. Lost keys must be reported immediately by the supervisor to the SSC Manager in Room 1522.  The report must contain the circumstances surrounding the loss of the key and efforts made to recover the key.  No replacement key will be issued without this report. Supervisors may request a replacement key by signed memorandum or email to the SSC.  Assigned keys must be returned by the employee to the SSC when the key is no longer required. The separation process for employees leaving the HCHB is not complete until all assigned keys have been accounted for.

The Locksmith is onsite at HCHB on Monday to Friday each week.

For locksmith service request(s) such as lock changes, combination changes to safes, etc. a memo on letter head or an email to Security@doc.gov must be submitted. The memo or email must include room number, nature of the request, telephone number and a point of contact. You may also use the Lock Key Service Request Form

For safe requests, please use the Safe Request Form.