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Foreign Travel Training

Counter Threat Awareness Training (CTAT)

Traveling internationally fewer than 90 days cumulative for the calendar year?

CTAT fulfills a Department of State mandatory training requirement for all personnel traveling internationally for less than a cumulative 90 days for the calendar year. CTAT is not required for and does not include personal international travel.

CTAT training on the Commerce Learning Center (CLC) takes approximately five hours to complete. The CTAT completion certificate is valid for 6 years, at which time the training must be completed again.

If an individual is executing official international travel and does not have access to the CLC, the CTAT is accessible via the Department of State Foreign Service Institute (FSI) website, which is temporarily offered free of charge.

Foreign Affairs Counter Threat (FACT)

Traveling internationally for 90 days or more for the calendar year due to a Permanent Change of Station or overseas post?

Personnel who will incur 90 days or more of official international travel cumulative for the calendar year are required to complete the five-day FACT course. Enrollment procedures, cost, course schedule, and other information regarding this training can be found at the FSI website. This course is valid for six years.

A valid FACT course certificate will be recognized in lieu of the CTAT requirement for official international travel.

Counterintelligence Briefings

The Department of State requires specific counterintelligence briefings prior to the approval of official government travel to some countries.

Applicable U.S. Department of Commerce travelers will be notified of this briefing requirement via their eCountry Clearance response message directing them to contact Diplomatic Security's Counterintelligence division. The Department is able to provide the counterintelligence briefings directly to its travelers. Contact your bureau’s Field Security Office to ensure compliance with this requirement.


For questions related to CTAT or FACT training requirements: