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Security Compliance Review (SCR) Program

  • The SCR program was developed to aid the Director for Security in his oversight responsibilities of Departmental Security Programs, and to ensure Departmental and Bureau security programs are in compliance with Federal regulations and directives, DOC orders and policy memoranda.
  • The Plans, Program and Compliance Division (PPCD) within OSY, plans and coordinates all SCR review activities, as well as develops reports deliverable to the OSY Director and Executive leadership responsible for the areas reviewed.  The reports consist of findings, recommendations and best practices identified.
  • The SCR Program has established "checklists" that are policy and procedure based for program areas such as physical, information, personnel, industrial, and communications security. Other areas reviewed are Foreign Access Management, Sensitive Compartmented Information, and Emergency Management programs.

SCR Goals

  • Ensure the working environment is as safe and secure as possible for DOC employees, assets and information by providing advice, assistance and recommendations
  • Mitigate security issues before they occur (Proactive vs. Reactive approach)
  • Document security deficiencies and non-compliance identified during reviews, and require resolution
  • Make determinations to evaluate if security policies need to be updated or changed
  • Document best practices and share across the Department as necessary
  • Prepare Department security programs for external reviews (e.g. GAO, OIG, OPM, ISOO)