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Facility Access Card

A Facility Access Card (FAC) may be employed by operating units to address multiple identity verification and access control requirements unique to the security posture of individual Department facilities (e.g. temporary badges, local proximity badges, escorted/unescorted visitors, etc.).

Operating units shall implement risk-based procedures addressing the local issuance, display, replacement, and final disposition of FACs for individuals not meeting the physical and/or logical access requirements for PIV-I credential issuance.

An FAC not meeting Level of Assurance 4 (LOA4) identity proofing and authentication assurance standards in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology, Special Publication, 800-63-3, “Digital Identity Guidelines,” of June 2017, is not authorized for logical access to DOC information systems and networks.   

In accordance with the Office of Security “Manual of Security Policies and Procedures,” operating units intending to introduce or modify FACs shall coordinate proposals with OSY. FAC proposals shall be submitted for coordination to osy-ppcd@doc.gov. This will facilitate the consistency of FAC design format and employment to reinforce facility security posture across the Department.