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Security Specialists (0080 series)

0080 Training Frameowrk

Department of Commerce Security Specialists (series 0080) continuously seek training and development opportunities for individual and organizational growth. The 0080 Security Administration / Specialist Training Framework (Feb 2017) is a training and development guide for Department security professionals. The framework defines a competency matrix that focuses on early-career, mid-career, and senior-career development in the areas of technical, general, and leadership competencies. 

Developmental opportunities identified in the framework include training obtained through platforms and vendors such as:

Other security training opportunities are:

Professional Certification

It is encouraged that Commerce security professionals seek recognized industry certifications as career and expert milestones, such as the Associate Protection Professional (APP), Certified Protection Professional (CPP), and Physical Security Professional (PSP) through ASIS, or specialized certifications through the CDSE Security Professional Education Development (SPēD) Certification Program, to name a few.



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