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Official Badges and Credentials

DAO 207-11 prescribes a uniform Official Credential for the Department of Commerce for:

  • Law and regulatory enforcement units and offices authorized to conduct official law enforcement and non-law enforcement investigations;
  • Official badges used by special agents, enforcement officers, and other personnel performing law enforcement and non-law enforcement duties;
  • The standardization of policies and procedures for the issuance and use of official credentials and badges.

In those cases where the Director for Security has assurance that the requestor of the specific credentials has current clearances and training to effectively execute the requisite duties of the occupied position, the Director for Security shall sign all Form CD-277s (Credential Blanks) authorizing the bearer to carry out official law enforcement duties in the Office of Export Enforcement, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Office of the Secretary, and the Office of Security. 

The Director for Security shall also sign Form CD-277s for non-law enforcement positions, as well as retired law enforcement officer credentials. 

Note: The Inspector General shall sign all Form CD-277s in the Office of Inspector General, including retired law enforcement officer credentials.

Official Credential & Badge Requests:

  1. All requests for credentials and badges will be submitted on OSY’s Credential Request Form (Commerce personnel only), routed through the applicable Bureau POC to the Plans, Programs and Compliance Division (PPCD).  PPCD serves as the Departmental Issuing Official on behalf of the Director for Security. 
  2. All retirement credential requests for applicable Law Enforcement positions will first be submitted for acknowledgment that no serious disciplinary problems exist, on the Certification Regarding Issuance of Retired Credentials Form (Commerce personnel only). Upon the satisfactory review and acknowledgment from the above mentioned offices, a credential request form for retirement credentials can then be submitted by the Bureau POCs to PPCD for routing through OSY to verify that there are no ongoing investigations, serious disciplinary problems that have occurred during his/her service, and that all applicable NSI/SCI de-briefs have occurred.  Upon the satisfactory review and acknowledgment from OSY, the retirement credential request can proceed for processing.

PPCD maintains an accountability register that includes the bearer's name, Form CD-277 and/or badge number, date of issuance, geographic area where the bearer is assigned, and final disposition of returned forms and badges.  An inventory of all issuances shall be conducted semi-annually and an inventory report provided to the Director for Security annually by December 31.

Lost/Stolen Badge and Credential Reporting Procedures:

Credentials and badges are assigned federal property. It is the responsibility of a credential and badge holder to maintain possession, accountability and protection of said property. In the event your issued credential and/or badge are lost or stolen, follow the below reporting steps:

  1. Immediately report all lost/stolen badge(s) and/or credentials to your supervisor, Field Servicing Security Office (FSSO), and your Bureau Credential Point of Contact (POC).
  2. The Bureau Credential POC will notify PPCD with a written explanation of circumstances.
  3. File a report with the local police in the event of lost/stolen badges and credentials:
  • Credentials and badges lost/stolen off of federal property requires a local police report.
  • Credentials and badges lost/stolen on federal property require a police report by the federal police organization responsible for your facility.(e.g., Federal Protective Services for GSA leased Facilities, the OSY-NIST Police Services Group at NIST campuses).  
  • The report must include the credential/badge holder’s full name, assigned badge number and credential serial number, and details surrounding the event.
  • Lost or stolen credentials and badges must be entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) by the police organization developing the police report. The request for an NCIC submission will be made by the affected employee or DOC Operating Unit at the time the police report is generated.
  1. Within 10 business days, the employee will submit a completed LOST/STOLEN CREDENTIAL & BADGE Form to their Bureau Credential POC for validation and submission to the Office of Security. The police report will also be included with this submission.

Bureau Credential POCs will email the initial written correspondence detailing the circumstances of the lost/stolen property, police report (with the NCIC report number) and the LOST/STOLEN CREDENTIAL & BADGE form to the PPCD inbox at osy-ppcd@doc.gov.  Should any of the report documents contain PII/SPII, please send the documents via secure email (i.e. Kiteworks).

For information on Field Offices please visit: https://www.commerce.gov/osy/field-offices/field-offices-overview