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Protective Services

Protective Services are electronic screening equipment, human and animal resources utilized to protect facilities and people, and to respond to threats and incidents.

Protective Security Officers (PSO)

PSOs are paid security resources providing services acquired through contracts either directly by the DHS Federal Protective Services (FPS) at GSA leased or owned facilities, or as delegated by DHS to the Department of Commerce (only at delegated sites). PSOs are acquired mostly as armed security posts performing functions such as control center operations (monitoring surveillance cameras, IDS/PACS alarms, dispatch, etc), access point screening (X-ray, magnetometer, physical search, ID card authentication), visitor control, roving, oversight, supervision, and vehicle access control. 

Commerce delegated sites have OSY Contracting Officer Representatives (COR) that oversee the PSO contracts. The OSY CORs coordinate directly with Department of Commerce or Bureau Contracting Officers related to the acquisition, operations and maintenance of PSO (and K-9) contracts.

K-9 Services

K-9 services are deployed to augment building security countermeasures in the detection of certain contraband, prohibited items, and explosives. 


Federal Protective Services (FPS)