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Shred Services


Unclassified shredders are located in designated business centers throughout HCHB. Business Centers are accessible for employee convenience 24/7. Employees are responsible for shredding their own documents. Documents are not to be left unattended or un-shredded. Please do not place candy wrappers, food items, glass or other hazardous materials in shredders. Please ensure all unclassified documents do not have comingled classified information. Inspect each page for classified markings.

Controlled Unclassified Information:

Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) material may also be shredded in the designated business centers throughout HCHB provided the business center is supplied with a CUI approved and labeled shredder. 


Every attempt should be made to shred classified national security materials in a designated secure space (collateral Secret secure spaces or SCIFs). The shredding of classified national security materials must be executed using NSA approved shredders (https://www.nsa.gov/Resources/Media-Destruction-Guidance/NSA-Evaluated-Products-Lists-EPLs/) designated for the destruction of the identified documents at the commensurate classification level. Special appointments for classified document destruction can be made with the HCHB Security Service Center in the event an NSA approved shredder is not available. To schedule a special appointment please contact the HCHB Security Service Center at 202-482-8355. For after hours, contact HCHB Dispatch at 202-482-4584.