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The Personal Identity Verification - Interoperable (PIV-I) credential is the alternative credential standard for issuance to non-Federal employees granted logical access to DOC information system resources for greater than 179 cumulative days. In consideration of the unique implications upon facility security posture, and when consistent with the implementation guidance below, employment of risk-based procedures for the issuance of the PIV-I credential to non-Federal employees strictly for physical access to DOC facilities is reserved to the bureaus and operating units.  

For the purposes of PIV-I credential issuance, non-Federal employees are individuals who are ineligible for appointment in the competitive or excepted service under 5 CFR Part 731 and 302 respectively, or ineligible for access to classified national security information under Executive Order 12968. 

Operating units shall implement risk-based procedures addressing the local issuance, display, replacement, and final disposition of Facility Access Cards (FAC) for individuals not meeting the physical and/or logical access requirements for PIV-I credential issuance.


PIV and Alternative Credential Implementation, memorandum dated March 19, 2019 from the Director for Security (Commerce personnel only)