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Divisional Overview

Client Security Services Division

Director for Client Security Services, Michael Harman

  • BEA - Office of Security - Security Manager, Kelly Kester
  • BIS -  Office of Security - Security Manager, Stephen Tyler
  • Census - Office of Security - Director of Security, Craig Trumpet
    • Suitland Federal Center, Deputy Director of Security, Robert (Bob) Drew
    • NPC RSO, Lori Carpenter
  • FirstNet - Office of Security - Vacant 
  • ITA - Office of Security - Director of Security, Kevin Michael
  • NIST - Office of Security - Director of Security (Acting), Ken Griechen
    • Gaithersburg FSSO, Malcolm Peeples
      • Chief of Police, Eric Perez
    • Boulder Regional Security Officer, Kenneth Griechen
      • Deputy Chief of Police, Vacant
  • NOAA - Office of Security - Director of Security, Vacant
    • ERSO, Vacant
    • WRSO, Cheryl Wieser

Information Security Division

Assistant Director, Stephen Barbieri

  • Information Security
  • Classification Management
  • Operations Security
  • Industrial Security
  • Communications Security Oversight
  • Foreign Travel Program
  • Sensitive Compartmented Information Security Program

Personnel Security Division

Assistant Director, Danika Hughes (Acting)

  • Onboarding
  • National Security Clearances
  • Continuous Evaluation

Plans, Programs and Compliance Division

 Assistant Director, Kevin Sadler (Acting)

  • HSPD-12 Program
  • Physical Security Program
  • Badge and Credentialing
  • Compliance Program
  • Policy and Training
  • Foreign Access Management Program
  • Research Security
  • Project Management

Project and Administrative Management Division

Assistant Director, Kevin Sadler

  • Admin/Finance Program
  • Strategic Operations Program

Security and Emergency Management Division

Assistant Director, Laura McClure

  • Continuity Program
  • EOC Operations Program
  • HCHB Security Program
  • Occupant Emergency Plan Program