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Continuous Evaluation

The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) serves as the Security Executive Agent (SecEA) for the Federal Government. In the DNI's responsibilities, the Continuous Evaluation (CE) Program is established within the National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC). The CE policy was established on January 12, 2018, outlined in the Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) - 6.

CE, a personnel security investigative process, is part of the security clearance reform effort to modernize personnel security processes and increase the timeliness of information reviewed between periodic reinvestigation cycles. CE supplements and enhances, but does not replace, established personnel security processes by leveraging automated records checks to assist in the ongoing review of an individual’s eligibility for access to classified information or to hold a sensitive position. 

The OSY Assistant Director for Security, Information and Personnel Security Division (IPSD), is responsible for the implementation of CE within the Department in coordination with authorized Departmental Personnel Security Programs.


DOC Memo for Implementation of SEAD 3 Reporting Requirements - January 27, 2021 (Commerce Personnel Only)

Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) - 6  Continuous Evaluation

Continuous Evaluation FAQs