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All visitors to the Herbert C. Hoover Building (HCHB), including federal employees that are not Ronald Reagan Building occupants must go through security screening upon their arrival.  

Non-Federal Visitors are required to present a valid, non-expired, accepted government form of photo identification. The visitor’s information is documented on a visitor access log and their sponsor is required to escort them while in the HCHB.   

Federal Visitors are required to present a valid, non-expired, federal form of photo identification and are allowed access without an escort once they have been through security screening. Federal visitors must be escorted during HCHB security hours. 

Non-Government Visitors and Contractors Without Department-Issued ID

  • Must enter through the main entrance on 14th Street and tunnel entrance unless previous arrangements have been made with OSY.
  • Must pass through the magnetometer and/or be scanned with handheld screening devices.
  • Must have all packages, briefcases, purses, etc. scanned or searched.
  • Access to HCHB requires any person desiring entry to possess one of the following forms of photo identification: official government ID, law enforcement badge and credentials, a DOC employee ID, DOC contractor ID, and/or DOC visitor pass and must sign the visitor’s log.
  • Will receive and must display a Visitor’s badge, which will be visible at all times while in the building, located on the front of the outside garment at chest-level.
  • The visitor must provide the name and phone number of the Department employee or organization they wish to visit to the receptionist, who will contact that person or organization.
  • Must be escorted by a Department employee while inside the building.
  • Visitors must be escorted to an exit by a Department employee and return the assigned visitor badge upon completion of the visit.
  • Regardless of which Department employee escorts the visitor out of the building, the employee who initially sponsored the visitor is responsible for the visitor’s badge and the visitor’s conduct while on the HCHB campus.
  • Unescorted guests will be referred to the HCHB Special Police and employees who fail to escort assigned guests will be referred to their supervisor and may lose authorization to escort.
  • Must have vehicles inspected if requiring access to the North and South courtyards or garages.
  • Individuals accessing any area of HCHB must possess and continuously display one valid form of identification discussed above on the upper torso of the front part of the body.

Foreign National Visitors

  • Sponsors of Foreign National Visitors (FNVs) are required to contact the Security Service Center (SSC) at least 24 hours prior to arrival of their visitors to coordinate access.
  • Employee sponsors of FNVs must complete the Foreign National Visitor and Guest Departmental Sponsor Briefing, sign the acknowledgement page at the end of the briefing, and email it to [email protected].
  • All visits to the Department by FNVs must be coordinated at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled visit. Sponsors must provide the personal information of their FNVs by using the FNV Request Form, sending it via encrypted email to [email protected] or providing the SSC with a hard copy. FNVs will not be admitted to the facility without the completion and approval of this form.