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Controlled Area Accreditations

Before a Department of Commerce operating unit may access, discuss, process, or store classified information, the room in which those activities will occur must first be accredited. The accreditation process is a three-tier process that includes a physical security survey, information security survey, and certification that classified information systems have been installed according to regulations. Upon satisfactory completion of the surveys, a formal space accreditation is decided by the Department's Accrediting Official, the Deputy Director for Security.

In partnership with the Plans, Programs & Compliance Division (PPCD), which oversees the physical security survey process, the InfoSec Program oversees the survey process of whether proposed spaces have the appropriate classified information safeguards in place, personnel who will use the space have the appropriate level of clearance, and that required security checklists for activities related to the space via an Active Security Checklist Standard Form (SF) 701 is documented and that a Security Container Check Sheet, SF 702 is used to annotate the locking and unlocking of the exterior door and any security container used in the space. Lastly, the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), National Security Solutions and Services (NS3) oversees and/or coordinates the installation of classified national security systems and COMSEC equipment.