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Access to National Security Information

Access to classified NSI, the position's sensitivity and the required type of background investigation is determined by the completion of the Position Designation Automated Tool (PDT) by the position's hiring manager. The PDT is then coordinated with the organization's Human Resources Office for validation with the Position Designation System. This process outlines the position's risk level, sensitivity level, and the level of investigation that should be conducted for the position. Designation levels for Sensitive Positions include Noncritical-sensitive, Critical-sensitive, and Special-sensitive. For more information about the PDT and PDS, visit the Office of Personnel Management's Suitability Executive Agent website.

Access to classified NSI is only authorized after the background investigation has been favorably adjudicated, the NSI in-brief and non-disclosure agreement (SF-312) has been completed, and a need-to-know has been determined.

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