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Performance Management Handbook (Recognition)

The Recognition Section of this handbook outlines a large variety of informal and formal recognition programs, which can be used to recognize and reward employee excellence. In addition, the section provides detailed information on how to develop special operating unit programs and has a wealth of information on gainsharing, goalsharing, and team-based recognition.

Chapter: Topic:
Chapter 1 General Incentive Awards Provisions
Chapter 2 Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 3 Delegation of Authority
Chapter 4 Performance Awards
Chapter 5 Quality Steps Increases
Chapter 6 Superior Accomplishment Awards (Special Act, Suggestion, Invention)
Chapter 7 Special Recognition
Chapter 8 Team Based Recognition
Chapter 9 Peer Awards
Chapter 10 Honor Awards
Chapter 11 On-The-Spot Awards
Chapter 12 Cash-In-Your-Account Award Program
Chapter 13 Time Off Awards
Chapter 14 Certificates, Medals, Emblems, and Forms
Chapter 15 External Awards
Chapter 16 Awards for Foreign Service Employees
Chapter 17 Tax Implications for Nonmonetary Awards
Appendix A Guidelines for Total Recognition
Appendix B Eligibility for Awards
Appendix C Scale for Tangible and Intangible Benefits
Appendix D Awards Template
Appendix E Honor Awards Nomination System
Appendix F Honor Awards Crossover Nominations
Appendix G Honor Awards Criteria
Appendix H Honor Awards Types of Awards and Recognition
Appendix I Ron Brown Excellence in Innovation Award

If you have any questions on the contents of this Handbook, contact your servicing human resources office.