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Performance Management System Fact Sheet

As an employee, you will be covered under a performance management system that will measure your individual performance against the Department’s organizational goals and objectives. The performance plan covers the time period from October 1 through September 30 of each year. 

Your supervisor/manager will consult with you and develop a performance plan that outlines the performance results you will be expected to achieve throughout the year. At the end of the appraisal year (September 30th of each year), you will be evaluated on how well you achieved the results in your individual performance plan. 

The Performance Management Fact Sheet outlines the major features of the Department’s 5-tier performance management system which is the system used to rate your performance. For example:

  • You will be rated on a 5-tier system ranging from Level 5 (highest) to Level 1 (Unacceptable);
  • You will receive continuous feedback on your performance throughout the year and one official progress review at approximately the mid-point of the year; and
  • You may be eligible to receive a performance award based on your rating at the end of the year.