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Human Capital Strategic Plan

The Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM) strives to support DOC‘s world-class capacity to recruit and retain highly skilled employees that solve complex and emergent economic challenges occurring across the nation. In accordance with the OHRM Customer Service Philosophy, Mission, and Vision to support and evolve its diverse workforce, OHRM developed and published the DOC Human Capital Strategic Plan 2023-2026.

This plan outlines OHRM’s 3 strategic goals and 12 supporting objectives intended to foster a culture of customer experience excellence:

  • Goal 1: Enhance HC consultation and HR operations
  • Goal 2: Increase recruitment of top talent
  • Goal 3: Maximize retention of skilled high performers

OHRM aims to apply these goals to set a clear direction for priority investments and initiatives. With ever evolving economic conditions, OHRM’s strategic plan works to propel DOC toward building, serving, and sustaining an empowered workforce capable of addressing the greatest challenges facing our communities.