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CLC Registration Instructions

Whether taking the course on-line or in person, you must register for your desired course through the CLC to track your enrollment and receive official credit for completing the training. The deadline for completing the training is Friday, September 6, 2013. If choosing an instructor-led course, please register as soon as possible due to limited seating.

To register for the training:

  1. Log on to the CLC at https://doc.csod.com/client/doc/default.aspx.
  2. On the CLC home page, under Commerce Announcements, click on "Executive Performance Management System (EPMS) Training" 
  3. Read the information regarding EPMS implementation and scroll down to either a) select an instructor-led training session, or b) click the link to take the web-based training.

If you choose an instructor-led course:

  • Find the date and location of the training you’d like to attend 
  • Click on the training under the Name column
  • In a separate window, the course information will appear; click on "Enroll" in the upper right-hand corner

You will receive credit in CLC after you have attended the course.

If you choose the web-based training module:

  • Click on the link, read the instructions for the training, and print the reference materials
  • Scroll to the How to the Launch Course section, and select "Click here to launch the course…"
  • Each slide will advance automatically; however, you can pause the presentation or go back to previous slides by clicking the rewind button at the bottom of the course frame
  • The training lasts approximately 30 minutes. Although there is no exam, you must view all slides in order to receive completion credit. 
  • At the end of the briefing, close the course window and be sure to click the "Exit" button at the top of the course information page. Clicking the "Exit" button registers your completion, which is captured on your transcript in the CLC.
  • There is no need to print a certificate of completion; however, if you would like to, select "My Transcript" under My Training on the top navigation bar. Under the Courses Completed heading, scroll to "Executive Performance Management System (EPMS) Training" and click on the Certificate icon under the Actions column to display your certificate. Use CTRL+P to access the Print menu in your browser and click Print.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or having trouble logging in to the CLC, contact your bureau CLC Administrator.