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Your Performance Plan

Under both systems, you are required to have a written and approved performance plan.

Under the 5-Level system, the plans are documented on the CD-430, Performance Management Record and under CAPS, the CD-541, Performance Appraisal and Position Review is used.

Under the Department’s 5-level performance management system, all performance plans have certain performance elements. These mandatory elements document specific results to be achieved and measures that determine the degree to which you achieved those results. You may have up to 5 performance elements in your plan. All employees must have a Customer Service element. If you’re a supervisor, you will also have a Leadership/Management element. More information about program is available in Chapter 6 of the Performance Management Handbook.

For sample plans, visit the Performance Plan Library.

While the CAPS does not have required have mandatory elements, some departmental offices have incorporated the 5-level mandatory elements. More information about this program is available on Page 71 in of the Commerce Alternative Personnel System Operating Procedures Manual.