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Performance Planning Process


Under both systems, the performance management process is similar. There are distinct stages which always begin with the planning and end with the rating (or appraisal) stage. Both systems also incorporate procedures for development of employees and rewarding eligible employees for accomplishments achieved during the rating period.

These systems are designed to:

  • Communicate Commerce’s organizational goals and objectives;
  • Reinforce individual accountability for meeting those goals; and,
  • Track and evaluate individual and organizational performance results.

The Performance Management Process

There are five basic steps to performance management at Commerce: planning, monitoring, developing, rating, and rewarding. Each of these five components work together and support each other, resulting in natural, effective performance management.

At the beginning of each fiscal year (known as the appraisal cycle), you will enter into a “contract” with your supervisor. That “contract” (known as your performance plan) outlines the services or deliverables (known as results) that you must accomplish during the year. Throughout the year, you supervisor will give you ongoing feedback on how you are doing and at the end of the year you will be evaluated (known as a summary rating) against specific measures (known as supplemental standards) on how well you accomplished the results.

The results of your “evaluation” can have both a positive and negative impact on you. On the positive side, it can, among other things, make you eligible for a cash award of up to 10 percent of your salary or make you eligible for a career ladder promotion. On the negative side, it maybe used to reassign you to another position, change you to a lower grade, or remove you from your job altogether.

performance awards 5 levels

For additional information on the 5-Level refer to the Performance Management System Handbook and for CAPS Page 71 of the Commerce Alternative Personnel System Operating Procedures Manual.

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