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Documents You Must Keep

Files maintained for this program constitute a system of records under the Privacy Act. Files must be maintained in the recipient's personnel office and must be kept separate from other personnel files.

The following documents must be kept in the leave transfer file of each leave recipient:

  • Recipient application and all supporting documentation;
  • Donor application(s);
  • Copies of the recipient's time and attendance reports for all pay periods during which the recipient participates in the program;
  • Reports from the leave recipient, or his or her personal representative, on the status of his or her medical emergency;
  • Written notice of termination of the medical emergency from the leave recipient to his or her supervisor and the servicing human resources office;
  • Requests for extensions and approvals of extensions; and
  • Any other correspondence associated with the case.

Case files may be destroyed one year following the year in which the case is closed.