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Individuals with Disabilities

The Department of Commerce's Disability Program Office is committed to increasing the employment of disabled individuals throughout the Department. In addition, the Department continues to forge partnerships with other Federal Government agencies, colleges, universities, vocational rehabilitation agencies, and disability advocacy groups.


We are committed to attract, hire, and retain individuals with disabilities.


Our mission is to promote meaningful employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and encourage their integration into the DOC workforce nationwide through effective training, career development, and promotional opportunities.

About Us

On July 26, 2011, President Barack Obama signed Executive Order 13548, Increasing Federal Employment of Individuals with Disabilities. 


People with disabilities may be considered for employment through the competitive hiring process or in some circumstances, under the Schedule A hiring authority for persons with disabilities. Individuals that may fall under this special hiring authority include persons with mental retardation, severe physical disabilities or psychiatric disabilities. In these cases, an agency may make a permanent, temporary, or time limited appointment. Disabled veterans may also be considered under special hiring programs for disabled veterans with disability ratings from the Department of Veterans Affairs of 30 percent or more.

Appointment Authorities

The Federal Government has a special Schedule A (5 C.F.R. 213.3102(u)) appointing authority for persons with Mental Retardation, Severe Physical Disabilities, or Psychiatric Disabilities. Find more information on our page about requirements for Schedule A Hiring Authority.

Disabled veterans may also be considered under a special hiring authority for 30 percent or more disabled veterans.

Disability Hiring at Commerce

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