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Restoring Leave to Donors

Donors may elect to have unused transferred annual leave restored to them as follows:

  • Crediting the donor's annual leave account in the current year. Note that unused transferred annual leave credited to a leave donor’s account in the current leave year may be subject to forfeiture under the "use or lose" rule;
  • Crediting the donor's annual leave account, effective as of the first day of the first leave year after the date of the donor's election; or
  • Donating the unused transferred annual leave in whole or in part to another recipient. Donors wishing to exercise this option must complete a new donor application. If a donor elects to donate only a part of the unused transferred annual leave, the remaining leave must be restored in whole using option a or b above. 

Transferred annual leave restored to the account of a leave donor may not be restored in excess of the annual maximum leave accrual for an employee. 

In no case shall the amount of annual leave restored to a leave donor exceed the amount transferred to the leave recipient by the leave donor.