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Workers' Comp and Donated Leave

If you are in receipt of unemployment compensation benefits, you may not receive leave donations.

If you are in receipt of workers’ compensation, you may receive leave donations if you meet the leave transfer eligibility requirements. If you are injured in the line of work, you should continue in a pay status for 45 days pending processing of a workers’ compensation claim prior to seeking leave donations. If the Department of Labor’s decision on your entitlement to workers’ compensation is not timely and you meet leave transfer eligibility requirements, you may then receive leave donations. In this case, if you buy back donated leave hours that you have used, the donated hours must be restored to the leave donors.

Also, when you use donated leave and later receive workers’ compensation, you will incur an overpayment since the workers’ compensation is paid at a reduced rate. You should be prepared to repay any overpayment unless the donated hours are bought back and restored to the leave donor.