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Professional Liability Insurance: Eligible Employees

Supervisors and management officials have the respective meaning defined by 5 U.S.C. 7103(a) as follows:

  • Supervisors are “…individual(s) employed by an agency having authority in the interest of the agency to hire, direct, assign, promote, reward, transfer, furlough, layoff, recall, suspend, discipline, or remove employees, to adjust their grievances, or to effectively recommend such action, if the exercise of the authority is not merely routine or clerical in nature but requires the consistent exercise of independent judgment, except that, with respect to any unit which includes firefighters or nurses, the term “supervisor” includes only those individuals who devote a preponderance of their employment time exercising such authority;”
  • Management Officials are “…individual(s) employed by the agency in positions the duties and responsibilities of which require or authorize the individuals to formulate, determine, or influence the policies of the agency;” and
  • Law Enforcement Officers are “…employees, the duties of whose positions are primarily the investigation, apprehension, prosecution, detention or supervision of individuals suspected of, or convicted of offenses against the criminal laws of the United States, including any law enforcement officer under Section 8331(20) or 8401(17 of such Title 5), or under Section 4823 of Title 22, United States Code.”