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Employee Personal Page

National Finance Center’s (NFC) Employee Personal Page (EPP) system is a web-based, self-service system that allows employees access to their personal information.  EPP gives you the flexibility to submit changes to your payroll information online.

NFC launched a redesign of the Employee Personal Page effective Pay Period 12, 2010

The redesigned EPP will provide an improved user interface and expanded functionality.  The basic processes of EPP will not change.  The navigation will be menu-driven and the pages within EPP have a new look and feel.

EPP now provides users with a Self-Service History feature where employees can view the current status of documents being processed through Employee Self-Service (ESS).  Employees will be able to follow a document as it is processed from  EPP to the Payroll/Personnel System database.

  • EPP can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any personal computer with internet access.
  • EPP allows employees to view and change data without having to submit change requests to their agency personnel office.
  • EPP has customizable view preferences that can be set by the employee.
  • EPP delivers data needed by the employee for income and W-2 verification.
  • EPP contains online help accessible throughout the application to assist employees with their data change requests.

Employee Self Service Options:

This option of the EPP provides employees the ability to make the following online change requests.

  • Residence address
  • Federal and State tax withholdings
  • Financial Allotments
  • Direct Deposit
  • Health Insurance
  • Saving Bonds
  • Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) contribution information

Employees can access the NFC website and select the MyEPP logo.  NFC will mail the initial ID and password directly to the employee who are new to MyEPP.  Employees who have transferred from another agency serviced by NFC, their EPP information will remain the same.  Once the employee has accessed MyEPP and put in their email address, future passwords will be sent via email.  

For assistance with password problems, employees can contact NFC via the NFC website.