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Drug-free Workplace

Depending on the position you occupy, the Department is required to conduct reasonable suspicion, random, follow-up, accident, and drug testing of applicants tentatively selected for testing designated positions. Your servicing human resources offices are the focal points for the drug-free workplace program.

Random Testing 

You will be subject to random drug testing once you occupy one of the drug-testing designated positions. If you are selected for a random drug test, the appropriate drug testing coordinator will verbally (and privately) inform you that you have been identified through a random selection process for drug testing by urinalysis and give you the time and exact location to report for testing.

If you are unavailable for the random drug test for legitimate reasons, such as working a different shift, on travel, or on leave, your test will be rescheduled.

Reasonable Suspicion Testing 

Any employee may be subject to reasonable suspicion testing. This type of drug testing is authorized when management believes an employee is using illegal drugs or alcohol. This belief must be based on specific objective facts and reasonable inferences when any of the following conditions exist: 

  • Direct observation of drug use and/or the physical symptoms of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • A pattern of abnormal conduct or erratic behavior
  • Arrest or conviction for a drug-related offense; or the identification of an employee as the focus of a criminal investigation into illegal drug possession, use, or trafficking
  • Information either provided by reliable and credible sources or independently corroborated
  • Newly discovered evidence that the employee has tampered with a previous drug test

Management must have the concurrence of the Office of the General Counsel and the Drug Testing Program Manager (DPM) before scheduling this type of test.

For more information on the DOC drug-free workplace program, see the DOC Drug-Free Workplace Plan and Drug and Alcohol-Free Workplace Testing Guide.

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