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Loss of Leave Accruals - Nonpay Status

If you are a full-time employee and you have enough hours of nonpay time to equal what you are supposed to work in a pay period (80 hours), then you will not earn leave in that pay period. You’ll not only lose your annual leave accrual (4, 6, or 8 hours) but also your sick leave accrual (4 hours).

If you have additional absences without pay, they have the same effect if they again add up to an increment of 80 hours (e.g., 160, 240, 320, etc.) before the end of the leave year.

Hours in a nonpay status which are not enough to require a loss of leave accruals are dropped at the end of the leave year.

If you are a full-time employee who accrues 6 hours of annual leave each pay period and you lose leave accruals due to nonpay status hours in the last full pay period of the leave year, you will lose the full 10-hour annual leave accrual as well as the 4-hour sick leave accrual.

At the end of each leave year, all of the nonpay hours that you’ve accumulated will be wiped out, and you’ll start the new leave year with a zero balance.