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Non-monetary Awards

The following awards are available to all employees of the Department. For more information, follow the links below or contact your servicing human resources office.

An On-the-Spot (OTS) Award is granted for day-to-day efforts that contribute "in a special way" to getting the job done. An OTS Award may be work-related merchandise, a gift certificate, or a savings bond. An OTS Award does not recognize overall performance, but rather specific instances of exemplary performance. An OTS may be given any time during the year. However, your operating unit must have an approved plan in place for you to receive an OTS. For more information see Chapter 11 of the Performance Management System Handbook (Recognition Section). 

A Time-Off Award is an excused absence from work with pay and without charge to your personal leave! It is granted in recognition of certain accomplishments or contributions. An employee may be nominated at anytime during the year for the minimum of a half day (4 hours) up to 40 hours for any single contribution. Employees may be granted up to 80 hours as time off during a leave year and have one year to use the time-off award. For more information see Chapter 13 of the Performance Management System Handbook (Recognition Section). 

Certificates of Appreciation are granted to employees and non-employees for significant accomplishments or in appreciation of their services. Certificates may be signed by the Secretarial Officer, head of the operating unit, or other appropriate official and maybe be given at any time during the year. For more information see Chapter 14 of the Performance Management System Handbook (Recognition Section).