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New Employee Commerce Learning Center Information

The Commerce Learning Center (CLC) is an enterprise-wide system used to:

  • Manage your professional development
  • Help you plan your training 
  • Provide access to online learning 
Once you are added to the CLC as a new user, a user account has been created, and you should receive a system-generated message from CLCSupport@doc.gov entitled “Welcome to the Commerce Learning Center!” At this point you will have access to login.
  1. Click on the link to the Commerce Learning Center
  2. Log on with the Username and temporary password provided. 
  3. Select and provide answers to the password recovery challenge questions. 
  4. Change your password. 
  5. Set your local time zone. 
  6. If your Bureau uses Single Sign-on you will be directed to your Bureau Landing Page
  7. If your Bureau does not use Single Sign-on:
    • You will be directed to the Commerce Landing Page where you can select your bureau 

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