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Irregular Schedules

If you are a part-time or mixed tour employee, your entitlement to FMLA leave is prorated and equal to 12 times the average number of hours in your regularly scheduled administrative workweek.

If you work two part-time positions, you may use only the amount of FMLA leave earned in each part-time position for absences from that position.

If your work schedule is not fixed, your FMLA entitlement will be based on an average of the hours worked each workweek for the 12 weeks prior to the period for which FMLA leave is requested.

If your regularly scheduled administrative workweek is changed during the 12-month period of FMLA, your entitlement is recalculated based on your new work schedule. For example, a part-time employee working a 30-hour workweek is normally eligible for 360 hours of FMLA leave. If the employee has already used 300 hours under the part-time schedule, the employee has 60 hours or 2 weeks remaining to use. When the employee moves to a full time work schedule (40 hours per week), the employee would have 80 hours or 2 weeks remaining to use.