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Performance management handbook (recognition) - chapter 2

Chapter 2. Roles and Responsibilities 

Supervisors and Managers 

Supervisors and managers have the major responsibility for assuring the effective use of incentive awards and preserving the program's credibility. Effective use means:

  • Encouraging better performance and employee ideas for improvement; 
  • Rewarding superior achievements promptly; 
  • Being fair and objective in granting awards; and 
  • Publicizing what awards are granted to whom and why.

Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration 

The Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration is responsible for Department-wide administration of the Incentive Awards program. 

Director for Human Resources Management 

The Director for Human Resources Management is responsible for giving central direction and coordinating the Incentive Awards Program. Specifically, the Director is responsible for:

  • Developing and promulgating the Department's policies and procedures; 
  • Serving as permanent Chairperson of the Department's Incentive Awards;
  • Obtaining required higher level concurrence and approval of major awards that require Departmental action; 
  • Approving the purpose, form, criteria, selection method, and manner of presentation of all Special Recognition programs. (including changes made in the basic parameters of existing special awards programs); 
  • Evaluating program results, as part of overall evaluation or oversight reviews to assure incentives are granted equitably on the basis of merit and performance and providing feedback to managers, supervisors, and employees; and 
  • Designating a Departmental Incentive Awards Officer to serve as technical advisor to operating units on incentive awards matters and to serve as Executive Secretary to the Department's Incentive Awards Board; and
  • Transmitting the following for approval through the Secretary of Commerce to the Office of Personnel Management: (1) award recommendations over $10,000, and, (2) recommendations for Presidential awards. 

Principal Human Resources Managers 

The Principal Human Resources Managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, and administering the Incentive Awards Program for their respective operating unit(s). 

Servicing Human Resources Managers 

The Servicing Human Resources Managers coordinates procedural, processing, and other requirements with operating units in the serviced population.

Department's Incentive Awards Board (DIAB)

The Department's Incentive Awards board consists of 10 members. Board members are appointed by the Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Administration, and are normally at the Deputy Assistant Secretary level or equivalent. The Board acts as an advisory body on incentive awards policies and procedures, when requested, and considers specific actions at the request of the Secretary.

The Board reviews and recommends actions to the Secretary, or appropriate approving authority, on award nominations in the following categories:

  • Gold and Silver Medal Awards; 
  • Presidential recognition; 
  • Awards sponsored by outside organizations; and
  • Any other award requiring Departmental approval.