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Performance management handbook (recognition) - appendix d

APPENDIX D. Awards Template 

Use of this format is recommended to ensure consistency or guidance and that all program elements are addressed and explained. 


  • Describe the objective/intention of the award. 
  • The frequency of the award. 
  • What type of contributions do you want to recognize? 


  • Describe who is eligible to be nominated for this award (e.g., managers, supervisors, employees of other federal agencies, private citizens, etc.).

Types of Accomplishments

  • Specify the type of accomplishment appropriate for this award. 
  • Define accomplishments as either specific or broad descriptors. 
  • Specify categories of awards (i.e., supervisors/managers or nonsupervisory/technical), and list separate and distinct accomplishments for each category. 

Nominating Procedures

  • Who will make the initial request for nominations? (i.e., Director for Civil Rights) 
  • What level of approval authority is required for this award? (i.e., managers, Secretarial Officers, Heads of Operating Units, etc.) 
  • Specify the due date for the nominations. 
  • Specify the maximum length of the written justification. 
  • Specify that the nomination needs to be submitted on form CD-326, Recommendation for Recognition. 

Selection Criteria

  • Describe the qualitative and/or quantitative factors that will be considered in evaluating the accomplishment. 

Selection Procedures

  • Describe who will review and approve the nominations. 
  • Specify whether there is an ad hoc or standing board or committee that will review the nominations. 
  • Determine who should receive the board or committee recommendations for final approval. 

Type of Recognition

  • Describe what the recipient will receive as an award. 
  • Specify the award amount. 
  • Specify the type of certificate or plaque. 
  • Define what differing categories of recognition will be received. 


  • Who will present the award? 
  • When the award will be presented? (i.e., in the fall of each year) 
  • At what type of venue will the award be presented? (i.e., ceremony)