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Frequently used Department of Commerce Human Resources forms

Attachment Size
CD-35 Probationary or Trial Period Report 64.45 KB
CD-70 Standard Conditions of Employment for U.S. Citizens Stationed at Overseas Posts 83.48 KB
CD-81 Authorization for Paid Overtime, Holiday Work 28.68 KB
CD-126 Separation Clearance Certificate 344.44 KB
CD-137 Report of Incident, Injury, Illness, Motor Vehicle Accident, Property Damage, or Fatality 402.7 KB
CD-138 Professional Liability Insurance Reimbursement Claim 38.07 KB
CD-170 Incentive Awards Program Suggestion Evaluation 50.7 KB
CD-314 Statement Regarding Employee Responsibilities/Conduct 12.59 KB
CD-326 Recommendation for Recognition 51.12 KB
CD-327 Employee Referral Award 21.92 KB
CD-351 Report of Possible Safety/Health Hazard 34.1 KB
CD-352 Certification of Satisfactory Completion of Managerial or Supervisory Probationary Period 150.93 KB
CD-364 Career SES Probationary Employee Certification 162.71 KB
CD-399 Suggestion Processing Form 841.45 KB
CD-415 Record of Employee's Address and Emergency Information 181.14 KB
CD-420 Quarterly Review of Experts/ Consultants Appointments 12.57 KB
CD-425 Leave Analysis (2012) 159.48 KB
CD-427 Request for Job Consideration While on Leave 8.35 KB
CD-428 Guest Worker Agreement 35.5 KB
CD-430 Performance Management Record (including all parts) 1004.02 KB
CD-431 Performance Management Tracking System (PMTS) Certification Report 97.26 KB
CD-432 Individual Development Plan (IDP) Tracking System Status Report 115.96 KB
CD-465 Alternative Work Schedule, Attendance Log 52.28 KB
CD-479 Request for Restoration of Annual Leave 23.15 KB
CD-516 Classification and Performance Management Record REV 10-2023 613.05 KB
CD-516A Performance/Progress Review and Appraisal Record 28.53 KB
CD-516B Generic Performance Management Record 16.93 KB
CD-516C Final Performance Rating Using Interim Rating(s) 31.92 KB
CD-516D Appendix B/Generic Performance Standards 13.96 KB
CD-516P 3 & 4 Performance Summary and Rating 220.51 KB
CD-526 Court Ordered Child Care or Alimony Deductions 30.16 KB
CD-527 Audit For Leave Year (Print Only) 215.45 KB
CD-529 Lump Sum Leave or Compensatory Time Payments 350.48 KB
CD-541 Performance Appraisal and Position Review 689.58 KB
CD-574 Office Safety Inspection Checklist for Supervisors and Program Managers 1.54 MB
CD-577 Postsecondary Internship Program Intern Evaluation Survey 163.51 KB
CAM Notice 24-01 vF.pdf 206.76 KB