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Telework Plan

The purpose of the Department of Commerce (Department) Telework and Remote Work Plan (Policy), December 2021 version, is to provide broad, Department-wide, policy guidance and direction for bureaus and/or operating units to use when designing, developing, and administering their specific telework and remote work implementation plan(s). The Policy demonstrates the full range of flexibilities and options available to management for the workforce. This Policy applies to all Department employees except for those employed by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Commissioned Officer Corps.

Additionally, posted here, is the Department’s Information Memorandum for Department Leadership on Return to Office (Memo).  The purpose of the Memo is to provide background and baseline guidance for the Department regarding Return to Office and adapting updated telework programs. It envisions a Department that embraces the many benefits of in-person engagement and teambuilding, while maintaining the advantages of a virtual environment. This document is the implementation guide for the Policy.

The intent of this two-part posting is to help Department bureaus and/or operating units leverage telework and remote work in the Department to better meet our human capital needs and optimize mission delivery. Though presented separately, these two parts should be used in conjunction with one another as a comprehensive resource intended to provide comprehensive flexible workplace guidance for Federal agencies, Telework Managing Officers (TMOs), telework program coordinators, managers, supervisors, and employees. The Policy and the Memo must be viewed in tandem and not separately, as they are intended to provide cohesive practical resources and information in evaluating how to leverage these tools to meet mission-critical needs for organizations and balance the needs of a complex workforce.

Telework and Remote Work Plan           

Information Memorandum for Department Leadership on Return to Office

OPM Guidance on Hours of Work for Telework and Remote Work Employees

Appendix A - Telework Assessment Tool

Appendix B - Telework Request – Agreement

Appendix C – Remote Work Agreement

Appendix D – Safety Checklist (Telework and Remote Work) – Home Work Space

Appendix E – Telework Agreement – Supervisor Checklist

Appendix F – Remote Worker Agreement – Supervisor Checklist

Appendix G – Optional Telework Termination Form

Domestic Employees Teleworking Overseas (DETOs)

It is DOC policy that only Sponsored DETO Agreements will be considered, and the DETO must not incur any additional costs to the bureau/OU than it would otherwise cost for the employee to work at their normal location.  Individual DETOs are not authorized.  Before submitting a request for a Sponsored DETO to the DOS, the request must be approved by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO), the Office of Security (OSY), Employment and Labor Law Division/Office of the General Counsel, and OHRM.

Information on New Overseas Locality Pay for Domestic Employees Teleworking Overseas (DETOs)