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Performance management handbook (appraisal) - chapter 12

Chapter 12. Deficient Performance

The purpose of this chapter is to provide basic information on performance appraisal as it relates to deficient performance. Contact your servicing human resources office for assistance and specific guidance on deficient performance. 

Level 1 (Unacceptable Performance)

If at any time during the performance cycle an employee's performance becomes Level 1 (unacceptable) in one or more critical elements, document the specific performance deficiencies on the performance plan and afford the employee an opportunity to demonstrate acceptable performance. This is done in the form of a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). 

Performance-based actions cannot be taken for Level 1 work performed on a detail.

Supervisors/managers should consult with their servicing human resources office for specific guidance prior to the issuance of a PIP.

What the PIP Should Contain

Description of the critical element in which performance is deficient and specific instances of Level 1 (unacceptable) performance: 

  • What the employee must do in order to demonstrate acceptable performance; 
  • Representative sample of performance deficiencies;
  • Time allowed for the opportunity to improve period; 
  • Suggestions for improving performance; 
  • Offer of assistance to the employee to improve performance including training, if applicable; and 
  • Statement of the possible consequences of failure to raise performance to an acceptable level during the opportunity period. 

The servicing human resources office will provide ongoing guidance and technical assistance to the supervisor/manager throughout the duration of the PIP, including any subsequent performance-based actions.