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HCMA Council

Commerce Human Capital Management and Accountability (HCMA) Council

Tyra Dent Smith

Deputy Director, Office of Human Resources Management
Acting Director, Office of Corporate Human Capital Strategy and Accountability

Telephone: 202-482-4807 Email: TDSmith@doc.gov

Bureau/Org. Unit Name Phone Number Email
BEA Joyce Whitman 202-606-9634 Joyce.Whitman@bea.gov
BIS Cheryl Woodard 202-482-7870 CWoodard@bis.doc.gov
CENSUS Mark Holdrege 301-763-5857 Mark.A.Holdrege@census.gov
EDA Tanika Hawkins 202-482-2066 THawkins@eda.doc.gov
ESA Pamela Moulder 202-482-5997 PMoulder@doc.gov
ITA Ruben Pedroza, Jr. 202-482-3072 Ruben.Pedroza@trade.gov
MBDA Roberto Lopez 202-482-8086 RLopez@mbda.gov
NIST Essex Brown 301-975-3801 Essex.Brown@nist.gov
NOAA Marc Young 301-713-6362 Marc.Young@noaa.gov
NTIA Tony Calza 202-482-2196 ACalza@ntia.doc.gov
NTIS Vicki Buttram 703-605-6133 VButtram@ntis.gov
OS/OHRM Valerie Revelez 202-482-4425 VRevelez@doc.gov
OS/DOCHROC Susan Boggs 202-482-1261 SBoggs@doc.gov
PTO Sandra Shoun 571-272-3237 Sandra.Shoun@uspto.gov
OPM Human Capital Officer
Bureau/Org. Unit Name Phone Number Email
OPM Makisha Bass 202-606-2796 Makisha.Bass@opm.gov