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Danger Pay

Danger Pay Allowance:  The additional compensation of up to 35 percent over basic compensation granted to employees for service at designated danger pay posts pursuant to 5 U.S.C. § 5928 and 3 FAM 3270.

A danger pay allowance is designed to provide additional compensation of 15, 25, or 35 percent over basic compensation to all U.S. Government civilian employees for service at places in foreign areas where dangerous conditions exist that could threaten the health or well-being of an employee.

  1. The amount of the danger pay cannot exceed 35 percent over basic compensation.
  2. The danger pay allowance must be granted at the 15, 25, and 35 percentage rates, based on the level of danger and the presence of non-essential personnel and dependents at the post.
  3. When danger pay is granted, the amount must be equal to the flat rate paid to uniformed military personnel as imminent danger pay.
  4. Danger pay allowance is not subject to any ceiling that would provide payment less than the full percentage rate prescribed for the post.
  5. Danger pay is paid for those hours for which the employee receives basic compensation.
  6. Danger pay is taxable.

    Department of Commerce employees stationed at a post where danger pay is authorized must complete and forward to the post Standard Form SF-1190, Foreign Allowances Application, Grant and Report.


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Revised and updated November 8, 2019