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eOPF Contacts

Not sure who to contact with an eOPF question? Here are guidelines to assist you:

New Employee?

If you are a new Department of Commerce employee and have not received your logon ID within 4 to 5 weeks of your hire, or if you have a question regarding the content of your eOPF, or you want to provide feedback regarding eOPF, please send a message to:


Note: This email is for the use of US Department of Commerce employees only.

Forgot your ID and/or Password?

If you forget your eOPF password or your logon ID, you can request information from the eOPF logon screen by clicking on “Forgot your Password?” or “Forgot Your eOPF ID?” Complete all of the requested fields to receive the information.

Account Locked?

If your account is locked, click on “Forgot Your Password?” and follow the prompts. Successfully resetting your password will unlock your account. 

If you have received your eOPF ID and logon instructions from HCCS and you are unable to access the eOPF system, please contact the eOPF Help Desk at eopfhelpdesk@opm.gov or (866) 275-8518 for technical assistance.