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SES-CDP Class of 2017

Class VI, Class of 2017, March 2016 to September 2017

Last Name First Name Agency
McNeal Thomas Census
Potter Mary Census
Sabol Teresa Census
Sisson Jeffrey Census
Ahrens Dana DHS
Reed Valerie DOE
Hughes Alphonso DOJ
Wallace Rachel EDA
Jones Melvin INCOM (US Army)
Christ Nannette International Trade Commission
Rusnak Cherie ITA
Hill JoAnn MBDA
Bagley Timothy NOAA
Dipasquale Neal NOAA
Draggon Courtney NOAA
Hembrook Robert NOAA
Matthews Monica NOAA
Rusin Jeremy NOAA
Saine Octavia NOAA
Shin Laura OGC
Knight Harry OS
Nelson William Space and Missile Defense Command (US Army)
Jones Amanda State