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Project Management Certificate Program

Due to the budget this program has been defunded and the program/courses will Not be offered at HCHB. For more information contact Julia Law, via e-mail jlaw@doc.gov.

Improve your on-the-job performance! Maximize your organization’s ability to compete!

Certificate Candidates must be at least a GS-12. However, if you manage projects as part of your job and you are a GS-11 or below you are required to have a signed letter from your supervisor. Please attach this letter to your approved SF-182 and retain for your records.

Step 1: Please log into the Commerce Learn Center (CLC) at www.doc.learn.gov to view the current schedule for each track. The cost for each course is $860. Employees must register in the CLC. The web address for the CLC is https://doc.csod.com/client/doc/

Step 2: ESI is responsible for employee enrollment in the program. Please contact ESI’s Kerry-Ann McFarlane at (703) 558-4555 or by e-mail at kmcfarlane@esi-intl.com. You may register with ESI by using an SF-182 or a credit card. Coursework is conducted during normal working hours in the OHRM training rooms. These classes are usually on the sixth floor. Classes start at 9:00 a.m. 

The certificate earned in this program is a "Master's Certificate" may be turned into a Master's Degree, with additional work at the George Washington University. In addition, previous work at other institutions may be counted toward the Certificate. Please work with ESI directly to determine what credits are applicable. Tests are a regular part of the program. You have two years to complete the Master's Certificate.

All current and future Project Managers, or anyone that expects to manage projects as part of their careers should consider this program. The refresher course provides the hours of yearly refresher training needed to maintain certification. Your supervisor's prior approval to participate is required. 

The Office of Human Resources Management offers:

  • Master’s Certificate in Project Management 
  • Master’s Certificate in Information Technology Project Management 

Learn foolproof methods to manage:

  • Tight deadlines 
  • Limited budgets 
  • Internal politics 

Learn to:

  • Estimate project costs and schedules using simple techniques 
  • Assemble a project team and gain commitment to project objectives 
  • Plan, estimate, and organize project efforts 
  • Identify customer requirements using proven techniques 
  • Apply simple but effective tools to identify and respond to risks 
  • Create an environment where quality is part of the project 

Who should consider this program:

  • All current and future Project Managers 
  • Anyone who expects to manage projects 

Requirement to participate:

  • Your supervisor’s prior approval to participate
  • Participants must be at least a GS-12 (or equivalent)
  • If you manage projects as part of your job and are a GS-11 or below, you must have a signed letter from your supervisor.

Program Requirements:

  • Group presentations
  • Project papers
  • Written examinations

Program Costs:

  • The cost for each course is $860

Project Management Core Courses

  • Managing Projects 
  • Project Leadership, Management and Communications
  • Quality for Project Managers
  • Scheduling and Cost Control
  • Risk Management
  • Contract Management Principles and Practices
  • Project Management Applications

IT Project Management Courses

  • Managing IT Projects
  • Project Leadership Management and Communications
  • Scheduling and Cost Control
  • IT Risk Management
  • Project Management Applications
  • Systems Integration Project Management
  • Contract Management Principles and Practices

Register Today:

For courses descriptions, go to https://www.strategyex.com/.
For registration go to the Commerce Learning Center