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Aspiring Leaders Development Program

The Aspiring Leaders Development Program is a highly competitive program for employees of the Department of Commerce who are currently in grades GS 7-12 or equivalent. The program provides leadership development opportunities and addresses core competencies identified by the Office of Personnel Management. (See OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications for additional information.) 

Participation of the supervisor is critical to success. Formal training and leadership development activities are the foundation of this program resulting in a cadre of well-trained, well-qualified employees for leadership roles in the Department of Commerce. 

The 2012 – 2013 Class graduated January 30, 2012 thru January 18, 2013. The class has 20 participants from the various bureaus. This program was defunded so we will not be offering and running the program at this time other than the current class.

General Information

  • Track 1–Grades 7–10 (one year time in grade)
  • Track 2–Grades 11–12 (one year time in grade)
  • 12 Months Duration
  • ~30 Participants
  • Competencies Addressed
    •     Customer service 
    •     Building
    •     Solving 
    •     Learning
    •     Intelligence
    •     Diversity and Political Savory


Meet the Program Participants

For more information, contact the Program Manager, Julia Law, at 202 482-8095 or at JLaw@doc.gov.


The program funds all training and materials. Local and long-distance travel is not supported by the program and is the responsibility of the home organization. In addition, while supervisory approval to participate in the program is not required, applicants are strongly encouraged to it with their supervisors and keep them informed. This affords a supervisor ample time to plan for the period of time a selected candidate might be out of the office. All graduates of this and other leadership development programs must compete under merit promotion regulations in order to advance into higher-level positions.