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72nd Annual Honor Awards

Congratulations to the recipients of the Department of Commerce's 72nd Annual Honor Awards.  The year 2020 was challenging; however, it does not preclude us from celebrating the great achievements and recognizing the impact these employees, teams, and organizations have made for the Department.  We applaud our well-deserving recipients.

Presentation and Recipients

Honor Awards Recipients by Bureau (Click on the respective logo below)

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Census Logo
EDA Logo
ITA Logo
PTO Logo
Gold Medal Award
Silver Medal Award

About the Honor Awards Program

Since 1949, the Department has granted honor awards in the form of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals. The Gold and Silver Medals are the highest and second highest honor granted by the Secretary for distinguished and exceptional performance. 

Gold Medal

This award, the highest honorary award given by the Department, is granted by the Secretary for distinguished performance characterized by extraordinary, notable, or prestigious contributions that impact the mission of the Department and/or one or more operating units.   

Silver Medal

This award, the second highest honorary award given by the Department, is granted by the Secretary for exceptional performance characterized by noteworthy or superlative contributions that have a direct and lasting impact within the Department.  

To warrant a Gold or Silver Medal, a contribution must focus on qualitative and quantitative performance measures reflected in the Department’s Strategic Plan and be identified in one of the following areas: Leadership, Personal and Professional Service, Scientific/Engineering Achievement, Organizational Development, Customer Service, Administrative/Technical Support, or Heroism.