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Enterprise Services provides mission-enabling, shared-service solutions for the Department of Commerce. By leveraging Enterprise Services’ shared service model, individual Bureaus can focus on their unique missions.

For more on Enterprise Services, please enjoy a video message from Glenn Davidson, Executive Director of Enterprise Services:

Message from Glenn Davidson, Executive Director of Enterprise Services

Why is the Department of Commerce transitioning to Enterprise Services?

The Department of Commerce is transitioning to Enterprise Services to standardize and streamline transactional tasks currently performed in each Bureau. This allows each bureau to focus more on the bureau mission.

Executive leaders from each of the bureaus have come together to drive this initiative forward, in an effort to:

  • Enhance customer experience through the efficient delivery of high-quality enabling services
  • Improve performance management, which results in increased service transparency and accountability
  • Strengthen mission focus, which enables employees to dedicate more time to the unique mission needs of their organization
  • Reduce operating costs over time due to economies of scale, scope, and geography

Enterprise Services is focusing on services delivered in the following four functional areas: Human Resources (HR), Acquisition (ACQ), Information Technology (IT), and Financial Management (FM).

Video: Enterprise Services Overview

Enterprise Services Overview

History and background

The journey to establish Enterprise Services started in Fall of 2014. Senior Leadership  across the Bureaus came together to commit to the shared services model, then Bureau HR, ACQ, IT, and FM teams came together to decide which services made sense to deliver in a shared way– those that are truly “common” – and which services made more sense to keep in the Bureau because they are specific to their missions. As a result, Enterprise Services was established to create a one-stop shop for common transactional tasks and provide a consistent customer experience across the Department.

Enterprise Services has completed many milestones to date, and will continue to transition and roll-out additional services throughout FY2018 and beyond:

Enterprise Services: Mission and Values

Enterprise Services is guided by a statement of values that encompasses our mission, our vision, and what we are “about”. Our entire model is built around providing quality service to you – our customers.

Our Mission
To provide innovative, data-driven, and customer-centric services that enable our Commerce colleagues to dedicate themselves wholly to creating the conditions for economic growth and opportunity in America.

Our Vision
To establish the Department of Commerce as the most effective and responsive organization in the Federal government by providing the tools and services our Commerce colleagues need and deserve to exceed their mission objectives.

Our Core Values
Our Ethos is more than just words on a page. It is a code of conduct that guides how we interact and work on a daily basis:

Enterprise Services Core Values: The Core 6
The six core values of Enterprise Services are: Own the Work, Treat Customers like Family, Pioneer the Way, Never Stop Inventing, Respect the Why, and Be Open and Honest.

Enterprise Services Leadership Team

  • Glenn Davidson, Executive Director of Enterprise Services for the U.S. Department of Commerce
  • Jamie Krauk, Chief of Staff & Program Manager
  • Reggie Bullock, Deputy Program Manager
  • Kurt Bersani, Director of Finance & Administration
  • Brad Burke, Deputy Director for Operations
  • Tim Bass, Director of Service Management
  • Veronica (Ronni) LeGrande, Director of Human Resources (HR)
  • Gary Haney, Director of Human Resources Information Technology (HRIT)
  • Anthony (Shane) Kram, Director of Acquisition (ACQ)
  • Renee Macklin, Director of Information Technology (IT)
  • Tracy Koolick, Director of Change Management and Communications
  • Connie Doyle, Director of Customer Experience Management (CEM)


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