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By employing the commercially-proven models of shared services and strategic sourcing, Commerce is transforming itself into a higher-performing organization that delivers exceptional mission-enabling services.

Secretary Ross, in his first address to DOC employees, stated that he wishes to continue our efforts to “improve the quality and value of our HR functions…accelerate this process and set an example for other departments to follow.”

The driving force behind Enterprise Services at DOC is a recognition among leaders across our Bureaus that we have the opportunity to strengthen the delivery of mission-enabling services across the Department to enable employees to focus on their Bureau’s mission.

That’s Commerce Enterprise Services’ simple and straightforward commitment to you. For some customers, we will deliver the services you want and need in a timely and effective manner so that you may focus your attentions and energies on performing the work of your office. For others, we will reduce focus on transactional tasks, allowing staff to dedicate time to focus on strategic activities and their missions.

Video: Commerce Enterprise Services: Message from Glenn Davidson, Executive Director

Message from Glenn Davidson, Executive Director of Enterprise Services

Why is Department of Commerce transitioning to Enterprise Services?

The Department of Commerce is transitioning to Enterprise Services to standardize and streamline transactional tasks currently performed in each Bureau. This allows each bureau to focus more on the bureau mission.

Executive leaders from each of the bureaus have come together to drive this initiative forward, in an effort to:

  • Enhance customer experience through the efficient delivery of high-quality enabling services
  • Improve performance management, which results in increased service transparency and accountability
  • Strengthen mission focus, which enables employees to dedicate more time to the unique mission needs of their organization
  • Reduce operating costs over time due to economies of scale, scope, and geography

Enterprise Services is focusing on services delivered in the following four functional areas: Human Resources (HR), Acquisition (ACQ), Information Technology (IT), and Financial Management (FM).

Video: Enterprise Services Overview

Enterprise Services Overview

What has Enterprise Services accomplished thus far?

By employing the commercially-proven models of shared services and strategic sourcing, Commerce is transforming itself into a higher-performing organization that delivers exceptional mission-enabling services.

Enterprise Services Accomplishments


Human Resources (HR)

  • HR Connect
    Transitioned all remaining Bureaus to HR Connect, a unified HR platform for service delivery
  • PAR Processing Services
    Transitioned PAR processing for DOCHROC and NOAA to the Enterprise Services HR Operations Support Team as part of the overall mission to relieve bureaus of time consuming transactional tasks and allow them to focus more directly on supporting their missions
  • HR Contact Center Services
    Instituted a centralized Contact Center to address Bureau’s HR Connect and PAR processing questions and inquiries. Also, implemented the HR Landing Page as a single entry point to access HR Connect, the Contact Center, and HR training resources

Acquisition (ACQ)

  • Strategic Sourcing
    Realized nearly $30M in cost avoidance by utilizing strategic sourcing vehicles
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs)
    Awarded two large BPAs for commodity purchases (e.g., administrative services) across DOC and awarded the enabling technology BPA that was utilized to support the 2020 Decennial
  • Full Procurement Lifecycle Support
    Planned transition of customer Bureaus to full procurement lifecycle support

Information Technology (IT)

  • Printing Services
    Awarded a contract for and went live with printing services
  • Customer Relationship Management
    Awarded a Department-wide contract for Customer Relationship Management software

How did Department of Commerce determine which mission-enabling services to transition to Enterprise Services?

To achieve the Enterprise Services vision, the delivery of services has two components: the services delivered by Enterprise Services and the services remaining in the Bureaus or with current service providers. These two elements must work hand-in-hand to ensure seamless delivery of services.

Bureau leadership and others across the Department conducted a detailed analysis in the four functional areas to determine which were ‘fit’ for delivery in a shared way via the Enterprise Services Model, using the following criteria:

  • How central the service is to the mission of Department of Commerce and its bureaus
  • How similar or complex/specialized the service is across the Bureaus
  • How satisfied customers are with the current delivery of that service

Those services that were common across bureaus, were deemed ‘fit’ and those that required strategic alignment with specific Bureaus will remain in the bureaus.

Enterprise Services has used best practice in the private and public sector in the design of this model. The experience of organizations across the government and private sector prove the value of Enterprise Services. More than 75% of Fortune 500 corporations and many governments worldwide use this delivery model.

What’s coming up next?

Human Resources (HR)

  • Upgrading HR Connect from PeopleSoft 9.0 to 9.2
  • Expanding PAR Processing services to additional Bureaus
  • Delivering Compensation & Benefits services


  • Expanding Commerce’s strategic sourcing portfolio
  • Transitioning full lifecycle Acquisition services to Enterprise Services for OS & Customer Bureaus

Enterprise Services: Mission and Values

Enterprise Services is guided by an Ethos that encompasses our mission, our vision, and our values. All of these components together serve to create a workplace culture that drives quality customer service.

Our Mission
To provide innovative, data-driven, and customer-centric mission enabling services that enable our Commerce colleagues to dedicate themselves wholly to creating the conditions for economic growth and opportunity in America.

Our Vision
To establish the Department of Commerce as the most effective and responsive organization in the Federal government by providing the tools and services our Commerce colleagues need and deserve to exceed their mission objectives.

Our Core Values
Our Values are more than just words on a page. They are a code of conduct that guides how we interact and work on a daily basis:

  • Customer Focus: Treat Customers as Family. We empower our employees to provide gold-standard customer service to the DOC Family so that, in turn, they are free to achieve their mission objectives.

    • This is how we’re changing the game. Our entire model is built around making the customer experience better, so this value is always at the forefront of our day-to-day.
  • Leadership: Pioneer the Way. We aren’t afraid to explore uncharted territory and take initiative to lead from the front. We stand up for each other, our principles, and our purpose.
    • Leadership is the linchpin to success. We are building something that has never before existed in the Federal government. Success hinges upon the ability to support each other today to shape what tomorrow looks like.
  • Ownership: Own the Work. We recognize outcomes over activities and work relentlessly as a team to find a quality solution that gets the job done – whatever it may take.
    • Follow-through makes for happy customers. This is the mindset that keeps things from slipping through the cracks; it’s the proof that keeps customers believing we will deliver what we promise. There is no such thing as “not my job”.
  • Transparency: Be Open & Honest. We build trust by being up-front with our customers and ourselves. We’re open about how we deliver services and share information to hold ourselves accountable.
    • It’s how we build trust and credibility with our customers. Our job is to work in partnership with the Bureaus – trust is a key component of maintaining a healthy, open relationship with them.
  • Innovation: Never Stop Inventing. We push the envelope to generate ground-breaking ideas that support and empower the DOC Family by meeting their needs in new ways.
    • Innovation drives excellence and repeat business. We never view our work as “finished” because we know we can always improve. This encourages feedback and keeps customers coming back.
  • Social Impact: Respect the "Why." We take personal pride in the call to public service and see our work as a chance to impact society for good. It’s the “why” behind our day-to-day.
    • We’re helping the Bureaus better America. Big picture, this is the reason we do what we do. Not every impact is immediate, but we know that our work really matters to society as a whole.


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