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In accordance with the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act and associated OMB guidance (M-19-23) , and in support of the President's Management Agenda's strategic goal of Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, the Department of Commerce designates the following officials:

The Chief Data Officer and Evaluation Officer are placed within the Office of the Under Secretary for Economic Affairs. The Department has determined that the role of the Statistical Official will rotate every two years between the directors of the Census Bureau and the Bureau of Economic Analysis. The BEA director’s current term began July 1, 2023.

A catalog for the data holdings within the Department of Commerce may be found at: https://data.commerce.gov/ .

The Commerce Data Governance Board (CDGB) was established and first met in September 2019. The CDGB is the Department’s data governance and coordination body and is chaired by the Commerce Chief Data Officer, with representatives from all Bureaus. The CDGB Terms of Reference were approved by its members in December 2019, and the body meets monthly to coordinate the management of Commerce data as an asset. 

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